Prof. Sule Emmanuel Egya, Ph.D.

Ehemaliger Visiting Fellow

Sule Emmanuel Egya is professor of African Literature and Cultural Studies at Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Nigeria. His research interests include literature and environment, African migration writing, knowledge production in Africa, and decolonial discourse. His current research examines environmental imagination in African migration writing. He is the author of many articles that have appeared in journals in Africa, Europe, and North America.

His monographs include Nation, Power and Dissidence in Third Generation Nigerian Poetry in English (NISC, 2014, 2019); Niyi Osundare: A Literary Biography (SevHage, 2017); Power and Resistance: Literature, Regime, and the National Imaginary (SevHage, 2019); and Nature, Environment and Activism in Nigerian Literature (Routledge, 2020). He also writes fiction and poetry under the pen-name E. E. Sule. He is the author of the novels Sterile Sky (winner of the Commonwealth Book Prize Africa Region, 2013), and Makwala (ANA Prose Prize, 2019); and the poetry collection What the Sea Told Me (winner of the ANA Gabriel Okara Prize, 2009).