07 Sep
08 Sep

Lorentzian Quantum Gravity: Renormalization Group and Phase Structure


7. September 2023 - 8. September 2023

Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Andreas Pithis (CAS Researcher in Residence/LMU)

The researchers of this workshop investigate different approaches to (Lorentzian) quantum gravity which include causal dynamical triangulations, causal sets, asymptotically safe gravity, tensor models, group field theories and spin foam models. The main goal is to encourage a fruitful exchange of ideas, to find common ground and to accentuate differences between the various approaches. In particular, the focus will be on whether, to what extent and which Lorentzian aspects play a significant role for the definition of the theory as well as for the recovery of a physically desirable continuum limit to be explored, for instance, by renormalization group methods.

  • Teilnehmer:innen sind u.a.: Jan Ambjørn (Copenhagen), Seth Asante (Jena), Maximilian Becker (Nijmegen), Dario Benedetti (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris), Daniele Oriti (LMU), Sebastian Steinhaus (Jena).