13 Nov

Lunch Talk: In Vino Europa? A Product History of Europe (1950–2000)


12:15 Uhr

13. November 2023


Center for Advanced Studies LMU Seestraße 13 80802 München

Referentin: Dr. Lisbeth Matzer (CAS Researcher in Residence/Geschichtswissenschaft, LMU)
Respondentin: Prof. Claudia Steinwender, Ph.D. (Economics, LMU)

Scandals evolving around wine usually prompt newspaper headlines insinuating the old latin phrase and questioning the truthfulness of wine products.
But what about their Europeanness? How much “Europe” can be found in wines from the “old continent”? What relevance do European frameworks have for the production, distribution and consumption of wine? What does the regionality of a product have to do with quality and European hegemony? Join this Lunch Talk by Lisbeth Matzer, CAS Researcher in Residence 2023-24, to learn more about her second book project and her (wine) product history approach to European Integration history.

Das Forschungskolloquium am CAS richtet sich vorrangig an Universitätsangehörige.

Lunch Talks im Wintersemester 2023/24


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