22 Mai
23 Mai

Un/Common: Forms of the Commons in Literature and Culture.


22. Mai 2024 - 23. Mai 2024


Center for Advanced Studies Seestr. 13 80802 Munich

Workshop unter Leitung von Dr. Cord-Christian Casper (CAS Researcher in Residence/LMU)

How does literary form shape our understanding of the commons – the shared environments and resources that belong to everyone? This workshop will examine how different literary genres and forms engage with the political, legal, economic, and rhetorical aspects of the commons. We will explore the formal equivalents to the commons and investigate the concepts of community and broader nonhuman nature they convey. The objective of the workshop is to investigate how literature portrays access to and distribution of natural resources. At the same time, we will delve into literary accounts of the ‘uncommon’ challenges and threats to the commons, such as privatisation, enclosure, tragedy, and extinction.

Participants include: Zeno Ackermann (Würzburg), Liza Bauer (Gießen), Julia Boll (Konstanz), Marlene Dierschauer (Hamburg), Harald Pittel (Leipzig), Mark Schmitt (Dortmund), Jos Smith (Exeter), Mary Ann Snyder-Körber (Würzburg)

Cord-Christian Casper ist im Somemrsemester 2024 Researcher in Residence am CAS.


Für die Teilnahme ist eine Anmeldung unter info@cas.lmu.de erforderlich.