Georg Küttinger

Summer Semester 2011 | CAS Seestraße

About the exhibition

Georg Küttinger, Curvas, 2018 (Art at CAS, Summer 2011)

Georg Küttinger: Curvas (2018)

© Georg Küttinger

The next installment in the series Art at CAS, which is on display in CAS in the summer semester 2011, features photographic works by Georg Küttinger. Art at CAS presents works by Munich artists and is supported by the UniGalerie of the LMU.

Having studied architecture, Georg Küttinger makes use of his ability to create visionary new spaces. He photographs individual sections of a real landscape at different times and from different viewpoints and brings them together in a new context. By piecing together different pictures to create a new, imaginary, synthetic stereogram, he plays with the perception of the observer. The artist thus creates new constructions of space and time, dream worlds far removed from reality but, at the same time, deceptively real for the observer.

Georg Küttinger lives and works in Munich. He studied architecture in Munich and has worked with photography since 1995.

At the Vernissage on 5 May 2011 Dr. Sonja Asal (CAS, LMU) will give the introduction.


6 May to 30 July 2011


CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München