J.H. Kocman – REMEMBER ME!

Summer Semester 2012 | CAS Franz-Joseph-Straße

About the exhibition

Letter from Klaus Groth to J.H. Kocman, 1972 (Art at CAS, Summer 2012)

Letter from Klaus Groth to J.H. Kocman (1972)

© Archiv J. H. Kocman, Foto Zuzana Bilová

REMEMBER ME! is an exhibition of Mail Art from the private archive of the Czech artist J.H. Kocman. On display between 27 July and 26 September 2012 are letters, postcards, information flyers and other materials, predominantly from the 1970s. These document the communication between the two blocs during the Cold War, which helped to facilitate cultural exchange.

During the Cold War, communication between the Eastern and Western Blocs played an important role. Although this was often far from encouraged by the authorities, artists on both sides sought to find a means of communication and exchange.

Communication by post proved to be the simplest and most effective method. This was how the Mail Art scene developed. Many unpublicized works of Mail Art are preserved in the archive of J.H. Kocman. This exhibition serves as an attempt to bring such artistic treasures out of the obscurity of the archive and into the public eye.

The exhibition REMEMBER ME! is named after a work by J.H. Kocman. The exhibition title is to be read as an appeal for the commemoration of the exchange between the Cold War blocs, which took place in spite of all hindrances and challenges in its way.

The exhibition is curated by Zuzana Bilova, M.A., who is part of the working group of Prof. Dr. Burcu Dogramaci.

At the Vernissage on 27 June 2012 Zuzana Bil‘ová (LMU) will give the introduction.


27 June to 26 September 2012


CAS, Franz-Joseph-Straße 13, 80801 München