Siegfried Wameser/Karolin Nirschl – Kopf/Steinzeiten

Summer Semester 2023 | CAS Friedrichstraße

About the exhibition

Siegfried Wameser (Kunst am CAS, Summer 2023)

© Siegfried Wameser

Anyone who has seen the photographs of the wounded soldiers in the volume "War to War" by the pacifist Ernst Friedrich, published in 1924, will not forget the images. They were also in front of the eyes of the photographer Siegfried Wameser when he made his studies on stones. Wameser's photos evoke associations with archaic masks, abstract art, but also with images of war, and allow the forces of nature to speak. The artist Karolin Nirschl's painted approaches to stones are a complementary adaptation of these photographs. In Nirschl's works, too, the supposed contrast between fragility and violence oscillates.

  • The focus of Siegfried Wameser's photographic work is on architecture and art photography.
  • The artist Karolin Nirschl studied art history at the LMU before taking up her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Prof. Dr. Martin H. Geyer will give the introduction at the Vernissage on 11 May 2023.

Karolin Nirschl, Isarkiesel 3, 2017 (Art at CAS, Summer 2023)

Karolin Nirschl: Isarkiesel 3 (2017)

© Karolin Nirschl


11 May to 15 August 2023


CAS, Friedrichstraße 22, 80801 München