Seestraße 13

The Center for Advanced Studies is situated in an impressive villa built around the turn of the 20th century in the historic and central quarter of Schwabing, which has been a popular magnet for intellectuals ever since. Famous sociologist Max Weber, for example, lived nearby. During the 1950s and 1960s, the house was the residence of philosopher Ernesto Grassi. Grassi was a full professor at LMU and founded the “Centro italiano di studi umanistici e filosofici” in 1948 – today the “Institute for Renaissance Intellectual History and Renaissance Philosophy”. Grassi was also known as the editor of the book series “rowohlts deutsche enzyklopädie”.

Today, the villa's spacious rooms are used for lectures and conferences as well as smaller meetings. The house also provides Visiting Fellows with workplaces. Its proximity to LMU institutes as well as to the university and state libraries also makes it an ideal location for intensive research and for inspiring academic exchange.

Friedrichstraße 22

In addition to the main building, CAS has a spacious office floor, also in Schwabing, which is reserved for the CAS Research Groups.

As well as the offices for the fellows, the building also houses a spacious meeting room available to the groups for meetings, workshops and daily exchanges.