10 Nov

Deciphering cis-Regulatory Elements at Single-Cell Resolution in Plant Genomes


12:00 pm

10 November 2023


Biozentrum der LMU Großhaderner Str. 2 Raum B00.019

Speaker: Prof. Bob Schmitz, Ph.D. (University of Georgia)
Chair: Prof. Dr. Claude Becker (CAS Young Center/LMU)

Significant progress has been made in recent years in plant genome assembly and gene annotation. However, the systematic identifica?tion of plant cis-regulatory DNA elements remains a challenge. Schmitz discusses how single-cell genomics can be used to map the genetic basis for gene expression and chromatin-accessible variation across the maize germplasm, and presents future goals to decode the cis-regulatory landscape of crop genomes using single-cell geno?mics through time, across environments and by genotype.

Bob Schmitz is a professor of Plant Sciences at the University of Georgia and currently Visiting Fellow at CAS.


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