30 Nov

Gene Silencing in HSPCs with an Apolipoprotein A1-Based Nanodelivery Platform


5:15 pm

30 November 2023


ICEM-Gebäude der LMU Würmtalstr. 201

Speaker: Prof. Roy van der Meel, Ph.D.
Chair: Dr. Sabine Schneider (CAS Young Center/LMU)

Nucleic acid therapeutics are revolutionizing healthcare via gene inhibition, addition, replacement or editing. Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology is the current gold standard platform that enabled the clinical translation of the first siRNA drug Onpattro and the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Nevertheless, current LNP systems are mostly suited for vaccine purposes following local administration or hepatic delivery following intravenous administration. To unleash RNA’s full therapeutic potential, Roy van der Meel introduces modular nanoplatform technology for systemic nucleic acid delivery to immune cells in hematopoietic organs using apolipoproteins.

Roy van der Meel ist Professor für Präzisionsmedizin des Fachbereichs Biomedical Engineering der Eindhoven University of Technology.


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