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Is the Legal Architecture of Europe’s Institutions Apt for the Climate Change Mitigation Task?


11 July 2024 - 12 July 2024


Center for Advanced Studies LMU Seestraße 13 80802 München
Tanja Mohr, 10G06, 2006 (Art at CAS, Winter 2009/10)

Tanja Mohr, 10G06, 2008 (Art at CAS, WS 2009/10)

© Tanja Mohr

Conference organized by Prof. Dr. Ann-Katrin Kaufhold and Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Veil (CAS Research Group/LMU).

Climate protection needs strong institutions. An institution is strong if it has a legal architecture – organization, staff, decision-making procedures, competencies – that is appropriate for this task. However, the fit between institutions and tasks in the field of climate protection is less than optimal at present, as many states do not achieve their (self)imposed climate goals.

The contributions to the conference will therefore pursue the following question: Which institutions have a legal architecture apt to contribute to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement?

We will tackle this question by (a) investigating the legal architectures of different institutions (parliaments, governments, courts, central banks, supervisory institutions, standard setting bodies) on the European and on Member State level and by then (b) benchmarking the results of these case studies against the specificities of the climate protection task and the institutional prerequisites that follow from these very specificities.

Participants include the members of the CAS Research Group “The Institutional Architecture for a 1.5°C World”.


Registration is required for participation. If you are interested in our event, please contact us: E-Mail.