24 Jun

New RNA Therapeutics


all day

24 June 2022

Workshop led by Prof. Dr. Olivia Merkel (CAS Young Center/LMU) and Prof. Dr. Thomas Carell (LMU).

The Corona pandemic has initiated a new phase in the field of vaccine development with the generation of RNA-based vaccines. But not only there: therapeutics developed on the basis of nucleic acids will play an increasingly important role in drug development or therapy in the coming years and change medicine. For untreatable or poorly treatable diseases, the new class of substances will show breakthrough treatment successes. This workshop brings together researchers to discuss the current state of development in the different research branches of nucleic acid-based therapeutics and to explore new approaches.

Keynote Lecture on 24 June 2022, 12 :00 pm: Dr. Heinrich Haas (BioNTech)