17 Jul

Recent Advances in Social Cognitive Neuroscience


all day

17 July 2023

Workshop ledy by Dr. Seth Levine (CAS Researcher in Residence/LMU)

Cooperation is a critical part of society. Although we may enjoy the semblance of independence from one other, all levels of society function only because of cooperative interactions. Many psychological and neurobiological investigations into human cooperation have been explored in sequential or artificially simplified frameworks. However, real-time, concurrent interactions between individuals critically depend on flexibly altering behavior between independence and interdependence. This workshop will bring together ideas from scientists whose expertise spans topics such as cognitive neuroscience, social decision making, empathy, theory of mind, and interpersonal synchrony.

  • Participants: Anne Böckler-Raettig (Würzburg), Jakob Kaiser (LMU), Christoph Korn (Heidelberg), Anne Schacht (Göttingen).