Prof. Abbas al-Hussainy, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow

University of Al-Qadissiyah


Abbas Al-Hussainy is Professor at the Department of Archaeology of the University of Al-Qadissiyah, Iraq.

He explored a number of find spots in the context of his field research in the „heartland of cities“ in southern Iraq. One of this spots is the antique Tummal where – according to the cuneiform texts – important feastings took place for which the participants came by ship processions from Nippur, the mesopotamian main sanctuary.

Abbas al-Hussainy is a Visiting Fellow in July 2017 upon invitation from Prof. Dr. Adelheid Otto and Prof. Dr. Walther Sallaberger (Senior Researcher in Residence 2016/17) and is again visiting CAS from July to August 2024, collaborating with Prof. Dr. Adelheid Otto.