Prof. Albert Ascoli, Ph.D.

Previous Visiting Fellow

Albert Ascoli is the Terrill Distinguished Professor of Italian Philology at the University of California in Berkeley.

He is concerned with the Italian culture of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period, often from a comparative perspective with respect to the classical Latin, English and French tradition. His interest in individual authors is evident from his well-known studies on Dante, Ariost and Machiavelli.

In April 2011, Albert Ascoli will be at the CAS as a visiting fellow upon invitation from Professor Andreas Höfele. During his stay, he will give a lecture as part of the conference organized by Dr. Angela Oster and Dr. Judith Frömmer entitled "Texturen der Macht: 500 Jahre Il principe". Furthermore, he will work closely with members of the SFB "Pluralization and Authority in the Early Modern Period" and of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.