Bernhard Struck is a reader in Modern History at St. Andrews University, Scotland.

The main areas of his work include the modern and contemporary history of France, Germany and Poland, as well as the fields of travel and migration history, the history of borders and the history of transnational expert networks. His most important publications include the monograph "Nicht West - nicht Ost. Frankreich und Polen zwischen 1750 und 1850", Göttingen 2006.

Bernhard Struck will be in Munich as a visiting fellow in December 2010 upon invitation from Dr. Frithjof Benjamin Schenk of the Department of History. Here, he will present his research project "Mapping the Nation. Cartography, Territories, and Nation-Building in Germany" and work together with Frithjof Benjamin Schenk on a project on the subject of European infrastructure and spatial history in the 19th and early 20th century.