Prof. Dr. em. Pierre Legendre

Previous Visiting Fellow

Until 2005, Pierre Legendre was Professor of Medieval Legal History at the University Paris I - Sorbonne and at the École pratique des hautes études (Section V, Religious Studies), while at the same time also holding a position as a psychoanalyst at the École freudienne founded by Jacques Lacan.

He is one of the most influential French intellectuals of the present day. His book "Le Crime du caporal Lortie", translated into several languages including German, numbers among his most well-known works.

Pierre Legendre will be a visiting fellow in December 2009 as a guest of Prof. Dr. Clemens Pornschlegel from Department I – German Studies, Comparative Literature, Nordic Studies and German as a Foreign Language at the LMU. As part of the lecture series "CAS Publicum", he will give a lecture on 3 December 2009 at 6pm on the topic of "Reformatio totius orbis: Considérations sur l'universalisme du christianisme occidental". This event will take place in cooperation with the international research association "Opposing Worlds – Religious Order Models of Secular Modernity" led by Clemens Pornschlegel.