Prof. Dr. Helle Porsdam, Ph.D.

Previous Visiting Fellow

Helle Porsdam is Professor of American Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Her research interests are primarily in the field of transatlantic studies and the intersection between law and humanities. In her publications, she has concerned herself with the role of law in American history and culture and with copyright from a transatlantic perspective. Her latest publications include the monograph "From Civil to Human Rights" (2009), and the recent collections "Dialogues on Justice: European Perspectives on Law and Humanities" (2012) and "Civil Religion, Human Rights and International Relations" (2012), of which she was the editor. Professor Porsdam is the director of CULTIVATE, an international cooperation project funded by "Humanities in the European Research Area Network" (HERA), which conducts research into the relationship between cultural heritage, creativity and copyright.

In October 2012, Professor Porsdam will be at CAS upon invitation from Professor Christof Mauch as a guest of the CAS research focus "Transatlantic Cultures".