Dr. Ingmar Saberi

Junior Researcher in Residence - Winter Semester 2023/24

LMU Munich

Mathematical Physics - Stringtheory

Ingmar Saberi is a senior researcher in the mathematical physics and string theory group at LMU Munich. He studied physics and mathematics at Washington State University, Princeton University, and the California Institute of Technology, focusing on modern areas of cross-fertilization between pure mathematics and theoretical physics. Before coming to Munich, he was a scientific assistant in mathematics at the University of Heidelberg.

Project at CAS

Saberi's research focuses on the development of modern mathematical tools for theoretical physics and the use of these tools to uncover hidden symmetries and algebraic structures, as well as their application to questions of longstanding physical interest. The project planned for the term in residence at CAS includes aspects of all of these themes, but focuses on applications that seek to concretely address physical conjectures related to M-theory.


Visiting Fellows

Dr. John Huerta

CAS Visiting Fellow - Winter Semester 2023/24

Mathematical Physics

Prof. Brian Williams

Visiting Fellow

Geometry and Physics