Jaap Mansfeld is Professor Emeritus of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at the University of Utrecht. At the Faculty of Humanities there, he was instrumental in developing the research program for philosophy history, the title of which reflects the principal focus of his activity, namely "History of Reception and Edition of Texts".

He has made significant contributions to the field of doxography, most prominently including his new edition of the fragments of the Presocratics and a series of publications on historiographical questions.

Prof. Dr. Jaap Mansfeld will be in Munich from the end of June until the beginning of July 2010. He will work with Prof. Dr. Oliver Primavesi of the Chair for Greek Philology at the LMU on a cooperative project on the topic of "Aëtiana: laying foundations for the study of the history of ancient philosophy". The project is being funded for a period of four years by the Australian Research Council.