Dr. Julia H. Schröder

Visiting Fellow, CAS Research Group "The Sound of Theatre"

University of the Arts in Berlin


Julia Schröder is a lecturer at the University of the Arts in Berlin and holds a PhD in musicology with research interests in contemporary art music, 20th century music, sound art, graphic notation, music and dance as well as music/sound design in theater and sound studies.

She publishes and lectures internationally on these subjects, research and teaching activities at various Berlin universities. Julia Schröder co-conceived the section "Auditive Perspectives" of the scholarly e-journal kunsttexte.de and is co-editor.

She collaborates with the Jerzy Grotowski Institut and is editor of the theater newspaper "Didaskalia". In 2004-2010 she was a regular reviewer for "Tygodnik Powszechny", publishes in "Didaskalia", "Notatnik Teatralny", "Teatr", "Dialog". She worked as a playwright with performer Stefan Kaegi and director Lars Jan. She is a specialist in Polish and German drama.

Julia Schroeder is a Visiting Fellow at CAS in April and September 2023 at the invitation of Prof. Dr. David Roesner. She will join the CAS Research Group on "The Sound of Theatre".