Dr. Karin Bruckmüller

Previous Visiting Fellow

Karin Bruckmüller is a university assistant at the Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology of the University of Vienna.

Her research emphasis is medical criminal law. In particular, she has analyzed the criminal law prerequisites and limits of live organ donation in German and Austrian law in terms of comparative law and with the inclusion of legal actuality research. She has raised several questions in doing so, which include: do the paternalistic regulations achieve their purpose? How should law react to innovative methods in this field, such as genetic engineering?

Karin Bruckmüller will be at the CAS from October to December 2012 following an invitation from Professor Ulrich Schroth as part of the CAS research focus on "Scientific and Social Transfer in Transplantation Medicine". During this time, she will cooperate intensively with the Institute for Criminal Law, Criminal Trial Law, Legal Philosophy and Legal Sociology. On 30 October 2012, she will give a lecture at the CAS entitled "The legal limits of live organ donation in Germany and Austria. Protection or hindrance for donors and practitioners?".