Prof. Kelly Russell, Ph.D.

Previous Visiting Fellow

University of British Columbia


Kelly Russell is professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. He holds a Ph.D. of the University of Calgary. In 1984, he became an assistant professor at UBC, before being made a full professor in 1999. In 2008, he was recognized with the Mineralogical Association of Canada‘s Peacock Medal, and in 2010, he received the Career Achievement Medal from the Geological Association of Canada. At UBC, he is director of the Volcanology and Petrology Laboratory and a member of the Centre for Experimental Studies of the Lithosphere (CESL).

Kelly Russell’s interests are in volcanology and petrology as related to the formation, transport and eruption of magmas. His research blends field studies with computation or experimentation. Currently, his focus is on creating new predictive, quasi-theoretical models for the transport properties of natural planetary melts, which he seeks to apply to natural volcanic systems involving the flow and fragmentation of magma.

He is a Visiting Fellow from February to March April 2019 in the context of the CAS Research Group "Magma to Tephra: Ash in the Earth System" led by Prof. Dr. Donald B. Dingwell. Together with Zhengfu Guo he will talk about "The Pacific Ring of Fire: Insights from Canada and China" in the research colloquium series at CAS on 13 March.