Prof. Dr. Magdalena Zorn

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University of Frankfurt


Magdalena Zorn is a professor of musicology at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. Her main areas of research and teaching are 20th and 21st century music history, opera, intermediality, aesthetics and philosophy of music as well as music in digital cultures. She completed her Masters and Doctorate in Musicology at LMU Munich. Following her work as an opera dramaturge at the St. Gallen Theatre in Switzerland, she was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Musicology at the LMU Munich (2016–2022).

Main publications include: Was ihr hört: Werke, was sie durch uns gewesen sein werden. München: edition text+kritik 2021 and Aneignung in der Musik – Über die Instabilität ästhetischer Normativität, in: Jens Gerrit Papenburg, Tobias Janz (ed.): Ästhetische Normativität in der Musik. Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann 2022.

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Musical Empathy in Digital Space 8. June 2022,