Margaret Cramm is a Ph.D. student supervised by Professor James Bradley at the School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London.

Margaret Cramm's Ph.D. research focuses on the thawing of Arctic permafrost and what effect this has on the activity and function of the microbial community living within it. With her work, she hopes to make better predictions about the future fate of soil organic carbon in Arctic permafrost. To do this, she is using a combination of specialized -omics approaches and geochemical techniques to detect and measure microbial activity in thawing permafrost. While in William Orsi's lab, she examines her collected samples for stable isotopes.

Margaret Cramm is a Visiting Fellow at CAS in January and February 2022 at the invitation of Prof. Dr. William D. Orsi and will give a talk on "Energy Limits and Life in the Subsurface Sediments and Permafrost" with James Bradley on 1 February 2022.