Margreth Egidi is Professor of Medieval German Literature and Language at the University of Paderborn.

With her widely acclaimed dissertation 'Courtly love: sketches of gnomic poetry', she was able to affect a change of perspective within the medieval studies research on Middle High German gnomic poetry and minnesong. In further works on gnomic poetry, minnesong and the courtly novel, she investigated systematic problem constellations based on staging strategies of Middle High German romantic discourses, including those concerning pre-modern modes of interaction and communication, performativity of medieval literature, the logic of charitable gifts and the freedom of the imagination.

In January and February 2013, Margreth Egidi, upon invitation from Dr. Jan Mohr (CAS Junior Researcher in Residence 2013/13) will be taking up a position as a visiting fellow at the CAS. One of the purposes of her sojourn is to engage in intensive discussions concerning questions about processes of the institutionalization of vernacular literature of the Middle Ages, about her differentiation based on both discursive and pragmatic parameters, and about her internal differentiation. On 30 January 2013, Dr. Egidi will present and discuss the results of her current research in a workshop; in June 2013, she will participate in a workshop organized by Jan Mohr entitled "'Minne' as a Rule of Discourse – language game and orientation proposition".