Prof. Michael Kimmage, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow, Blog Author

Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.

Michael Kimmage is Ordinary Professor and Chair of the Department of History at the Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.

His research focuses include the political thought history of conservatism and anticommunism in the USA during the Cold War period. His 2009 study The Conservative Turn: Lionel Trilling, Whittaker Chambers, and the Lessons of Anti-Communism published by Harvard University Press has been critically acclaimed as an outstanding work of intellectual history.

During his first visit last year, he worked with Prof. Dr. Christof Mauch and Prof. Dr. Michael Hochgeschwender from the America Institute of the LMU as part of their research project "American Europe Constructions & Transatlantic Politics from 1945 to the Present”. One of his essays is available as an electronic publication in the publication series "CAS eSeries" Edition No. 3. Michael Kimmage was once again a guest in Munich from mid May until the end of June 2011. He was part of the work group of the CAS research focus "Transatlantic Cultures: America, Europe and the West" and was organizing the international workshop "The Enlightenment between Europe and the United States. Twentieth-Century Tensions" as part of this work, which took place in 28 May 2011 at the CAS. During a renewed visit in June 2013, Michael Kimmage intensified his cooperation with Professor Hochgeschwender. The cooperative research focused on the question of a new evaluation of "American Exceptionalism", i.e. the peculiarities of the USA in terms of the history of ideas within the interpretation parameters of global history. In July 2021 he is again Visiting Fellow at CAS in the context of the CAS research focus "Democracy in Crisis".