Prof. Terence Hwa, Ph.D.

Previous Visiting Fellow

Terence Hwa is Professor of Physics at the University of California in San Diego.

Following numerous publications on statistical and biological physics, his current area of research interest is the field of quantitative and system-contingent biology. This new field at the intersection of biology, biochemistry, engineering and physics attempts to comprehend biological systems in terms of functional modules and networks. Using the case of the bacteria e.coli, he is developing quantitative connections between molecular interactors and cell physiology by combining theoretical models with experimental approaches.

Terence Hwa will be at the CAS in July 2012 as a visiting fellow in the CAS research focus "Synthetic Biology" following an invitation from Prof. Ulrich Gerland. During the CAS conferenc "Synthetic Biology" he will give a lecture entitled "Growth Laws, Proteome Partition and Metabolic Coordination".