Prof. Wendy H Oddy, Ph.D.

Previous Visiting Fellow

Wendy H Oddy works as a Principal Research Fellow at the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Univ. of Western Australia in Perth.

She studied nutrition science and epidemiology in Canada and Australia, and received her Ph.D. with a thesis on the epidemiology of nutrition. Her research focuses on the effects of child nutrition on cardio-metabolic and mental health. Works of hers have been included among the ‘Ten of the Best’ Australian research projects and have received the National Health and Medical Research Council Achievement Award.

Wendy Oddy will be at CAS as a visiting fellow from January until March 2013 as part of the CAS research focus "Concept Pediatrics – The Child at the Center of Science" upon invitation from Prof. Berthold Koletzko. At the LMU, she will cooperate with Prof. Berthold Koletzko and Dr. Peter Rzehak on a joint project concerning the relationship between early childhood nutrition, growth and possible effects on subsequent metabolism. She will also participate in the workshop "Analysis of Child Growth" on 14 and 15 January 2013 at CAS.