Researchers at Risk Fellowship

Due to the tense political situation in neighbouring European countries and beyond, the CAS Board has decided to award two Short-Term Visiting Fellowships per year to researchers at risk.

In accordance with the European Commission, we understand "Researchers at Risk" to be those scholars and scientists whose freedom or research careers are threatened, as well as those who have had to flee or have been displaced due to such threats.

Some researchers at risk have refugee, asylum or similar protection status. However, a larger proportion of those who seek assistance are outside the refugee protection system, as they have temporary visas/work permits for visiting research and higher education institutions outside their home countries.

The idea of the Researchers at Risk Programme at the CAS is to make such guest stays financially possible and to ensure, through cooperation with LMU academics, that research that is at risk or has been discontinued can be resumed, continued or established in new networks.

The stays include travel and accommodation costs as well as fixed expense allowance.
The stays are advertised annually as part of the Short-Term Visiting Fellowships.

Current Researchers at Risk

Prof. Svitlana Tkalenko, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow

European Economy and Business

Former Researchers at Risk

Prof. Dr. Nataliia Kovalchuk

Previous Visiting Fellow, Blog Author


Sergiu Vacaru, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow

Mathematical Physics