Prof. Guillermo J. Larios Hernández, Ph.D.

Ehemaliger Visiting Fellow

Universidad Anáhuac México

Entrepreneurship Research

Guillermo J. Larios Hernández is Entrepreneurship Research Professor and Academic Coordinator at Universidad Anáhuac México, and Chair of the Entrepreneurship Research Group. Holding a Ph.D. in Economics from Mexico’s National University (UNAM), his research interests focus on entrepreneurship and digital experimentation, particularly on the process of entrepreneurial experimentation that leads to new value creation in areas such as social self-organization, entrepreneurship education and technology sectors, including Fintech and digital platforms.

Guillermo J. Larios Hernández’ work includes the co-edition of P. Reyes-Marcado and G. Larios Hernández (eds.), Reverse Entrepreneurship in Latin America: Internation alization from Emerging Markets to Developed Economies (Palgrave, 2019); and academic papers such as G. Larios Hernández, ‘The Blockchain Entrepreneurship Opportunity in the Practices of the Unbanked’, in Business Horizons, 60 (2017) 6: 865–874; G. Larios Hernández and P. Reyes- Marcado, ‘Market Influencers for ICT Advancement in Small States – A Comparative Analysis’, in Information Technology for Development, 24 (2018) 1: 1–20.

Guillermo J. Larios Hernández is a member of the CAS Research Group "Platforms as Organizational Forms" of Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer.