Prof. Hakan Ozalp, Ph.D.

Ehemaliger Visiting Fellow

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Business Administration and Management

Hakan Ozalp is Assistant Professor in the Knowledge, Information & Innovation (KIN) Research Group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management and a MSc in Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology from Bocconi University. Previously, he worked at LMU Munich as a Postdoc and Leeds University Business School as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor).

His research explores the impact of industrial and techno- logical change on platform ecosystems and on the firms, as well as the antecedents of these changes. His main publications include C. Cennamo, H. Ozalp and T. Kretschmer, ‘Platform Architecture and Quality Trade-Offs of Multi- homing Complements’, in Information Systems Research, 29 (2018) 2: 461–478; H. Ozalp, C. Cennamo and A. Gawer ‘Disruption in Platform Based Ecosystems’, in Journal of Management Studies, 55 (2018) 7: 1203–1241.

Hakan Ozalp is a member of the CAS Research Group "Platforms as Organizational Forms" of Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer.