21 Nov

Lunch Talk: Legal Proof is Rational Belief of Guilt


12:15 pm

21 November 2023


Center for Advanced Studies LMU Seestraße 13 80802 München

Speaker: Dr. Mario Günther (CAS Researcher in Residence/Philosophy, LMU)
Respondent: Prof. Dr. Armin Engländer (Law, LMU)

When is a defendant in a court of law proven guilty? In the CAS lunch talk, Mario Günther from the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy argues for the view that legal proof should be tantamount to rational belief of guilt. A defendant should be found guilty just in case it is rational to believe that the defendant is guilty. The main challenge here is to show that this view can solve the problem of statistical evidence: it seems unjust to find a defendant guilty based on statistical evidence alone - even if this evidence makes his guilt very likely.

The research colloquium at CAS primarily addresses university members.

Lunch Talks, Winter Semester 2023/24


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