Dr. Mario Günther

Junior Researcher in Residence - Winter Semester 2023/24

LMU Munich

Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP)

Mario Günther is Assistant Professor at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy of LMU Munich. Previously, he was Research Fellow at the Australian National University and Academic Visitor at the London School of Economics and Political Science. In his research, Mario Günther uses logic and mathematics to develop philosophical theories, for example a theory of causation. He also put forth a theory of learning conditional information, for which he received a Wolfgang Stegmüller Award. Further information on Mario Günther’s research is available here.

Project at CAS

During his residency, Mario Günther will develop a theory of legal proof. The core idea is that legal proof should be tantamount to rational belief of guilt: a defendant should be found guilty in a court of law just in case it is rational to belief that the defendant is guilty. It remains to be seen whether his theory of legal proof will justify current legal practice, or rather call for its revision. He will discuss his theory and its implications with the Visiting Fellows Prof. Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern University) and Prof. Michael Blome-Tillmann (McGill University).


Visiting Fellows

Prof. Jennifer Lackey, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow


Prof. Dr. Michael Blome-Tillmann

Visiting Fellow