17 Jul
18 Jul

Words to Numbers. Using NLP Methods for Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities


17. Juli 2023 - 18. Juli 2023

Workshop unter Leitung von Prof. Dr. Florian Englmaier CAS Research Group/LMU).

When studying economic questions empirically, we often need to find numeric measures for constructs such as culture, trust, individual traits, strength of institutions, etc. Similar problems arise more broadly in the social sciences and the humanities. However, most human interaction is not numeric, but verbal. Recently computerbased analytical methods have become available to study large amounts of text and speech data, in a stringent, more objective way. This computer-linguistic revolution has potentially great impact as we now can apply these methods to distill complex concepts down to numbers.

Teilnehmer:innen sind die Mitglieder der CAS Research Group "Words to Numbers".