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CAS LMU pursues, as a university-based institute of advanced study, two goals in particular: the strengthening of cross-disciplinary dialogues and the enriching of international cooperation with regard to new and pressing questions.

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Research depends on the people who conduct it. CAS promotes cooperation between LMU scholars and their international colleagues as well as with representatives from politics and societal institutions.

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The involvement of international fellows and young scholars is essential for all CAS program threads.

Beate Passow, Monkey Business Gibraltar, 2017 (Art at CAS, WS 2019/20)

CAS Blog

“All About Art”, “Global Worlds” or “Dissecting Democracy”: Contributions to the current topics at CAS, well-founded and comprehensively presented. Current article: Dieter Grimm, “Three Meanings of Constitutional Identity and Their Prospects in the European Union”.

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The Newsletter is released at the beginning of each new semester and reporting on current research projects, fellows and events.

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Ena Oppenheimer, EXACTNESS IS A FAKE, 2020-2023 (Art at CAS, WS 2023/24)