CAS Research Groups

offer LMU professors a framework for addressing specific research questions in cooperation with international fellows.

A Research Year at CAS

CAS Research Groups enable LMU scholars to be released from their other duties for a period of one year in order to pursue a project with a group of internationally acclaimed colleagues.

CAS Research Groups are formed using a highly competitive selection process. The spokespersons of the research projects who emerge successfully from this process then assemble the international research group, putting out an international call for applications.

An international group of researchers is thus created in accordance with the cultural requirements of the discipline in question, with the participants then conducting their research together at CAS. The group presents itself and its work during this cooperative period through conferences and workshops.

Tanja Mohr, 10G06, 2006 (Art at CAS, Winter 2009/10)

Ann-Katrin Kaufhold / Rüdiger Veil: “The Institutional Architecture for a 1.5 °C World”

Climate protection needs strong institutions.

Further information on the Research Group
Georg Küttinger: INTERFERENZEN 4-8, Detail (Art at CAS, Winter 2023/24)

Nikolaos Koutsouleris / Johannes Levin: “Tools for Transnational Neuropsychiatric Research”

Further information on the Research Group

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Caro Jost, See What Was Next (Art at CAS, Winter 2022/23)

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