Call for Applications: CAS Research Groups 2025/26

At the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), up to two positions are available for the academic year 2025/2026 (October 2025 to September 2026) for heads of international CAS Research Groups


The Center for Advanced Studies offers professors of LMU Munich the opportunity to be released from teaching duties for a period of two semesters. During this time, they receive the chance to work on a research project in cooperation with international fellows. Following the completion of the application process, the research topic will be advertised internationally, and the successful LMU professor will have the opportunity to put together the research group. An allotment of 18 fellow-months is available for the establishment of the research group, enabling guests to be invited for a period of between one and twelve months.

The Center for Advanced Studies covers the cost of the teaching hours lost for participating international scholars and scientists and will provide them with office space. Funding for material expenses related to the research project can also be applied for.

The program is aimed at outstanding professors from all academic departments of LMU. All professors permanently employed at LMU as well as tenure track professors are eligible to apply. One central aspect of the program is the international visibility and networking of research focuses at LMU. For this reason, applications should thus clearly state how the planned research project can profit from international cooperation.


The basis for an application is an outline of the planned research project to be realized during the time at CAS (5 to 7 pages). A guide (PDF, 82 KB) for such outlines is available on the CAS website. In the interest of increasing the number of women in research, female professors are expressly encouraged to apply.

Further information is available from Dr. Annette Meyer (, 2180-72082), Dr. Julia Schreiner (Humanities and Social Sciences;, 2180-72091) and Dr. Lena Bouman (Natural Sciences and Medicine;, 2180-72092).

Please send your completed application both by mail and electronically (in one PDF file) no later than 25 February 2024 to the Director of the Center for Advanced Studies:

Prof. Dr. Christof Rapp
Center for Advanced Studies
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
D-80539 München

Further information

Guidelines (PDF, 86 KB)